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Business aviation is our profession. Business aircraft are our expertise: from small jets to long-range super jets. From business aircraft charter to aircraft purchase and sales. From aviation legal and tax consultancy to aircraft structured finance. Business aviation is tailor-made air travel, flying on demand, customized to your needs, with aircraft used exclusively by you, on your own schedule. No queuing in crowded airport terminals. It is personalized service in VIP terminals and lounges. Business aviation is about time and connectivity; you decide when, where, with whom. Connecting people.

Super midsize jets


The ‘super midsize’ jets can be considered as a separate category as kind of compromise between midsize jets and long range jets; although bit more restricted long range capacity, they offer many benefits of the long range jets but at more competitive rates. Increased range up to 7 hours, full standing headroom, great luggage capacity and spacious cabins make this category a popular choice. Seating varies from 8 to 12.

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